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Kent RO/Aqua Monarc Water Purifier:

We are the dealers of Kent RO. It is therefore essential that the purifier gets timely service and maintenance support. Based on this, We provide high quality Kent Water Purifier Installation, Repair & Services.
Our service includes,

  • Kent water purifier sales and installation
  • RO Repairing Service
  • Water Filters Maintenance

Chimney Installation:

Chimneys can develop a variety of problems, requiring visual inspection of the inside of the chimney structure in order to make a diagnosis. Our service includes,

  • Chimney Sales and Installation
  • Building & removing chimneys
  • Chimney repairs
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Repairing of Chimney
  • Fireplace repairs
  • Stove installations
  • Flue extensions

UPS Batteries sales and Services:

Your batteries should be correctly maintained on a regular basis to ensure that your UPS system will work when it needs to. We afford various services including UPS installation, Battery sales and replacements for UPS and inverters in a cheap and cost effective manner. Based on this, we also provide ongoing maintenance.
Our Service includes,

  • UPS Installation
  • UPS System Repair
  • Battery sales and replacements for UPS and inverters
  • Battery sales

Solar sales and Services:

We are the leading supplier of solar water heaters. Our Service includes,

  • Solar water heater installation
  • Water heater Repair
  • Battery replacements

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